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Q:What are the different brick patterns?

A:There are many different patterns. Below are a few popular choices:

Running Bond Running Bond Herringbone Herringbone Herringbone Herringbone Herringbone Herringbone
Fan Pattern Fan Pattern Random Random Bluestone Bluestone Flagstone Flagstone

Most patterns cost the same to install. A few specialized patterns (like the fan pattern) may incur additional costs because each repetition needs to several cut pieces.

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Q:I started a brick paver job myself and would like to hire you to finish it. Do you do that? What if I want to buy my own materials?

A:Yes, we can be hired at any stage of your brick paver construction project. We are happy to install your own materials or any of the fine products from our many suppliers.

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Q:Do brick pavers need a lot of maintenance?

A:No, virtually no maintenance is required. A properly constructed paver project should last several years. Due to recently engineered sand products like polymeric jointing sand (which prevents weeds and insects) there tends to be little, if any, maintenance at all. Austin Brick Pavers LLC uses this product exclusively in every paver project.

You may elect to have your project sealed. Sealing gives pavers the "wet look" and also creates a barrier from greasy spills like those from your barbeque grill, although it is not necessary. We recommend sealing your pavers once every two to three years.

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Q:How much do brick pavers cost?

A:Every project is different, from the amount of site preparation needed to the type and quantity or product installed. You will find that we are often the most reasonably priced bid because we operate with low overhead and believe in making pavers affordable. We offer free estimates and are happy to come out to your site at your convenience. We are available weekdays, weekends, days and evenings!

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Q:Where do you operate? I have a vacation home up north...do you travel?

A:We proudly install brick pavers, stone and retaining walls throughout Southeastern Michigan. We are also willing to travel greater distances given the size of the project. We have installed brick pavers in Traverse City, Michigan and Kentucky.

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Q:How are brick pavers different than stamped concrete?

A: Occasionally, we have a customer who is trying to decide between classic brick pavers or stamped concrete. Regardless of the fact that we are in the brick paver business, we strongly discourage stamped concrete for several reasons:
First and foremost, stamped concrete is just an imitation of the look of brick pavers. The overall design is sacrificed with stamped concrete because the installer has to cut unsightly stress cuts straight through the stamped pattern. Brick paver installations don't need stress cuts because the characteristics of pavers allow for naturally occurring shifts. Furthermore, the color of stamped concrete is typically a powder applied to the surface, which after time begins to wear to expose the grey color of concrete in your high traffic areas. The overall vibrance and color of stamped concrete will fade with the elements. The color of brick pavers runs through the entire paver itself.
Many of our projects are installed to replace heaved or cracked cement patios and sidewalks. Stamped concrete IS just that: a poured cement application that can heave and crack just the same. When this happens, the entire project must be torn out and installed again.

If, in the rare occasion, you were to experience settling or heaving with brick pavers, we can simply pull up the faulted stones and reset them properly. We warranty our craftsmanship for 2 years. Brick pavers are designed to be 2X stronger than standard cement and we are proud that after 15 years, the projects we installed in our first season are just as attractive and durable as the day they were installed.
Stamped concrete installers commonly will suggest that weeds and insects are a problem with brick pavers. There may have been a little merit to this in the past, but in the last 6 years a fantastic product called polymeric jointing sand has made the issue virtually non-existent. Austin Brick Pavers LLC uses this product exclusively and when swept into the pavers (the final step of paver installation) and sprayed with water, the polymers bond and create a seal that prevents weeds and insects. Both brick pavers and stamped concrete can develop moss. This is a desired look for some (we have tips for increasing its growth, just ask!) and not for others. A simple power wash every few years eliminates moss. We offer power washing and sealing service if needed.
One fantastic benefit of installing brick pavers is the ability to add on to a project little by little. Many of our customers will hire us to install, for instance, a patio. In the next year or two, they may hire us back to add a sidewalk or planting bed feature to compliment their patio. Because the paving stones can be pulled up and re-organized, we can expand a project seamlessly.
While every project is different, not only are brick pavers comparable to the cost of stamped concrete, you will find that a project installed by Austin Brick Pavers LLC is exceptionally competitive. Our goal is to give you a quality product that you will be happy with and that we both are proud of. We are often the most reasonably priced bid because we operate with low overhead and believe in making pavers affordable!

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