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Sealing, Maintenance & Repair Services

While brick pavers are a long lasting choice for your outdoor space, proper care and maintenace will only further extend the life and improve the look of your project. Austin Brick Pavers offers services in the following areas:
  • Sealing
    Sealing your pavers helps to protect against weather, oils & drips, etc. Sealing typically lasts about 2 years (depending on sun, traffic, etc. ). Depending on the finish, sealing your pavers can give the "wet look" comparable to just after a rain shower. This personal preference brings out the colors and textures of your pavers.
  • Repairs
    Regardless of who installed your pavers, we offer repairs big or small. Unlike stamped concrete, brick pavers can easily be re-laid or moved to fit your needs. We warranty our work!
  • Maintenance
    Your brick pavers can be power-washed and re-sanded, revitalizing the look back to the day they were installed! New materials like polymeric sand offer a stronger bond and weed & insect prevention.
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